Cursewords are good way to start

Shit! No way! This is too gay! Forget it! We can't! We look ridiculous! That was the first thought in our minds when our manager offered us an acoustic gig. But like in all things in life you must never say no until you try it. After two acoustic rehealsals we all four grown men were like little boys. We had wide smiles on our faces and we were laughing almost hysterically, did lots of uncontrollable meddling (riplausta in finnish) and we were all pumped up and ready to play more and more. And the best thing is we though it SOUNDED GOOD as well! Cool! We have also seen first rewiews of the album so now we really understand that it's really coming out! Finally! And now everybody worldwide can buy the album online and take a cheap flight to Helsinki and see two very different Hybrid shows on Jan 13th & 14th. Just remember to book Semifinal tickets beforehand.

Cheers and FIGHT AS ONE! -saska-

Tuesday Jan 13th 2009 | Semifinal Helsinki | showtime 9.30pm | doors 8pm | Age Limit: 18+ | tickets 5e | Tiketti | join the event Facebook | Myspace

Wednesday Jan 14th 2009 | Record Shop X Helsinki (Arkadiankatu 14) | showtime 5.30pm | FREE ENTRY | join the event Facebook