Cursewords are good way to start

Shit! No way! This is too gay! Forget it! We can't! We look ridiculous! That was the first thought in our minds when our manager offered us an acoustic gig. But like in all things in life you must never say no until you try it. After two acoustic rehealsals we all four grown men were like little boys. We had wide smiles on our faces and we were laughing almost hysterically, did lots of uncontrollable meddling (riplausta in finnish) and we were all pumped up and ready to play more and more. And the best thing is we though it SOUNDED GOOD as well! Cool! We have also seen first rewiews of the album so now we really understand that it's really coming out! Finally! And now everybody worldwide can buy the album online and take a cheap flight to Helsinki and see two very different Hybrid shows on Jan 13th & 14th. Just remember to book Semifinal tickets beforehand.

Cheers and FIGHT AS ONE! -saska-

Tuesday Jan 13th 2009 | Semifinal Helsinki | showtime 9.30pm | doors 8pm | Age Limit: 18+ | tickets 5e | Tiketti | join the event Facebook | Myspace

Wednesday Jan 14th 2009 | Record Shop X Helsinki (Arkadiankatu 14) | showtime 5.30pm | FREE ENTRY | join the event Facebook


Musiikki on välineurheilua

"Musamaailma ja Tokai-diili"

Viime kesänä mulla ja Juholla tarttui tilaisuus Musamaailman ja Tokain kitaroiden ja bassojen edustukseen. Aluksi kelattiin tietenkin et mitä helvettiä ja sit me kelattiin et ei saatana. Idea kuitenkin toteutettiin syksyllä ja lyötiin kättä päälle ja haettiin viulut Musamaailmasta. Erittäin tyytyväinen voi olla että päästiin edustamaan ja kaupan päälle tuli vielä hemmetin hyvä sopimus. Ja ne viulut. Juho skulaa Les Paul Japani mallin Tokailla ja mulla on valkoinen aktiivimikeillä varustettu presari.

Saskahan oli meistä ainoa jolla oli jo entuudestaan jonkun näköinen endorsement sopimus kannuista ja symbaaleista, ja olihan mullakin aikoinaan Levytukun Ampeg diili mutta se oli lähinnä kosmeettinen eli sai tietyn rosentin pois ohjevähittäishinnasta ja mainos missä olin The 69 eyes Artsin ja HIMin Migen kanssa samalla sivulla. Mutta nyt on ns. oikea diili plakkarissa ja homma toimii kuin rasvattu junan vessa!

Tässä vielä kamojen speksit...
Tokai APB-50 (Olympic white)

Body: Alder or Ash
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Bridge: BB-VB Bridge
Pickups: PB-Vintage MK2 (Palella EMG aktiivimikit)
Controls: 1xV, 1x T
Color: OWR (Olympic White)

Tokai Les Paul (LC 85S / SW)
Body: Maple Top / Mahogany Back
Neck: Mahogany One-Piece Set-Neck
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Bridge: LS-VB Bridge, LS-VT Tailpiece
Pickups: PAF-Vintage MK2 x 2 (Juholla Seymour Duncan Invader-mikit)
Controls: 2 x V., 2 x T., 3-way Switch
Color: SW (Snow White)

Palataan ja FIGHT AS ONE!!!

Pale / Hybärit


Amazing technomology

You read it right, technomology is amazing. At the Music & Media fair, we didn't have the final cut of the Dancing on Roses video, just the rough cut with time code still on in our laptops. We showed it to the Yle (Finnish National Broadcasting Company) crew who were interviewing Jasse and said that we have the final cut ready in no time. Which we didn't know back then.

Anyways, we called the editor immediately and said that you have two days to make the final cut, so we can give it to Yle. The director / editor made the cut, send it to our webmaster via internet, who send it to Yle and now you can see the final product at Yle's page.


No DigiBeta tapes, no DVD's, just megabytes and zero's and one's flying through Wlan.

As I said, new technomology is amazing. Computers do all the jobs and there are times when you don't see or feel the actual product, it's just those megabytes flying. MP3's versus LP sleeves and so on... Fight as One will be digipak, so at least you have something to feel in your hands. And our guitars and amps are pretty old. Except Juho and Pale just got their new Tokai's. More about those next week.

Take care and FIGHT AS ONE!

- Hybrids


First cut is the deepest

Hiya folks,

This is the first official Hybrid Children blog, and the first one is always the hardest, the first cut is the deepest, and you'll never forget you first kiss or love. You can't compare writing a blog to falling in love or even kissing, but the actual writing of your first blog might be just as memorable (or painful). In the future we will tell you mishaps, mishaps and more mishaps from the road, try to recapture some glorious memories from the gigs and so on. You know the drill. We might write sometimes in Finnish or in English. This is not so official, even it is officially maintained by the band members. This journey begins now, just few hours before Halloween, and it won't stop until we start to work with next album (the album after this one, silly). And then we begin a new journey (or continue this one). Dammit, it's hard to write a blog in the middle of the night, your mind boggles....

We'll try to tell you some insights about the new album, how we made it, how it's going to be released, and when we hit the road, we'll promise to tell you all about the adventures we bump into.

And now let's get finally to the point of this first blog! The new album FIGHT AS ONE is finally done, we got the actual CD in our hands last weekend at Music and Media tradefair in Tampere. Oh the Joy! After a few cold ones we were still amazed to actually hold that small piece of plastic in our weary hands, and to think that in January 14th someone (hopefully hordes of fanatic Hybrid Children fans) will buy it and hopefully enjoy it.

Why release the album in January, why not now, you might ask. For thousands of reasons. We have to promote the album properly, do hundreds of interviews and smoke thousands of cigarettes and drink gallons of damn good black coffee (with a shot of Jallu) while we're gonna think how we gonna get this baby climb up to charts and most importantly, at this point we don't want to rush things anymore. The album is really good, the best Hybrid album yet, and really worth waiting for and we're sure that it will be rewarding to all of you who have time to wait it until January 14th. But it's a long road to get there, and it will be a longer road ahead after the release. Stay tuned, and we'll tell you some more...

We'll end the first Hybrid Children blog with a quote that fits this occasion rather nicely. The quote is from a very famous movie and movie quotes are always true...

"Greetings, my friend. We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future. You are interested in the unknown, the mysterious, the unexplainable. That is why you are here. And now, for the first time, we are bringing to you the full story of what happened on that fateful day. We are giving you all the evidence, based only on the secret testimonies of the miserable souls who survived this terrifying ordeal. The incidents, the places, my friend we cannot keep this a secret any longer. Let us punish the guilty, let us reward the innocent."

Talk to you soon, take care and FIGHT AS ONE!

- Hybrids