Amazing technomology

You read it right, technomology is amazing. At the Music & Media fair, we didn't have the final cut of the Dancing on Roses video, just the rough cut with time code still on in our laptops. We showed it to the Yle (Finnish National Broadcasting Company) crew who were interviewing Jasse and said that we have the final cut ready in no time. Which we didn't know back then.

Anyways, we called the editor immediately and said that you have two days to make the final cut, so we can give it to Yle. The director / editor made the cut, send it to our webmaster via internet, who send it to Yle and now you can see the final product at Yle's page.


No DigiBeta tapes, no DVD's, just megabytes and zero's and one's flying through Wlan.

As I said, new technomology is amazing. Computers do all the jobs and there are times when you don't see or feel the actual product, it's just those megabytes flying. MP3's versus LP sleeves and so on... Fight as One will be digipak, so at least you have something to feel in your hands. And our guitars and amps are pretty old. Except Juho and Pale just got their new Tokai's. More about those next week.

Take care and FIGHT AS ONE!

- Hybrids

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