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It's been a while since the last blog... Our intentions were good and sincere but as these things so often goes we didn't have the time to be as active bloggers as we would wanted to be. We promise to try harder :) But we do got some new things for you so you can keep up with the Hybrids, for example for the latest info and tidbits in Hybrids -world you can follow us now on Twitter >> twitter.com/hybridchildren

Plans for the next album are slowly emerging, we'll tell you more about those when we have some hard facts... German tour is also shaping up pretty nicely, looks like we'll be rocking in Germany in November. Dates will be announced quite soon.

And we got some great new livepics by Kenneth Lehtinen from Virgin Oil gig here in Helsinki! Check them out! PICS FROM VIRGIN OIL MAY 29th »

Unauthorized use of pictures strictly prohibited ©kenneth lehtinen 2009
Official website at: www.kennethlehtinen.com

Until the next time!

Take care and FIGHT AS ONE!

- Hybrids

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